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Fleet Repair Services in Baltimore, MD

Are you looking for a reliable fleet mechanic, maintenance, and repair service provider in the Baltimore Maryland area? 

Baltimore Fleet Service has been providing onsite, mobile, and in-shop fleet repair and maintenance services in Baltimore since 2014. No matter where you need your fleet functioning at peak performance and keeping your business running smoothly. After all your fleet is the lifeblood and logistics backbone of your operations. 

We perform maintenance and repair service for cars, trailers, light commercial vehicles (LGV), and more. We take the difficulty out of deciding who to call or where to take your vehicles. Once you've worked with us you'll have a direct point of contact to get immediate roadside assistance or to schedule maintenance. We run regular maintenance schedule for many of our clients and some contact us on an as needed basis.

Our experienced mechanics are ready to fix almost any component of your commercial vehicles, offering a prompt, professional and efficient service.

Some of the services we perform include:

  • Refrigeration Repair

  • Computer Diagnostics for all Light, Medium & Heavy-Duty Trucks/Tractors

  • PM Services/DOT Inspections

  • A/C Repair

  • Brakes

  • Drive Train

  • Cooling Systems (check, repair, or replace)

  • Suspension

  • Fuel System Repairs

  • Oil Change/Filters & Lube

  • Belts/Hoses & Clamps

  • Exhaust

  • Hydraulics

  • Water Pumps

  • Trailers

  • Lift Gate Service

If you're interested in setting up a long term business relationship to keep your fleet in service, then give us a call today at 443-962-0110

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